We focus on discovering competitive products of each country in the world and supplying them to countries in need. We do direct product sourcing, processing, and sales, and pursue sustainable operation through long-term transactions.

We generate profits through land development and construction analysis. We carry out the necessary tasks to ensure proper project financing through various regional analysis, value analysis, market analysis, etc.

Focusing on trade between Vietnam and Korea, it is pursuing business based on rich Vietnamese connections and networks across various industrial fields. Recently, it has been promoting raw material trade, real estate development, and financial business expansion.

The bonitamaga project is a project for all humans who pursue beauty, and it is a project that promotes cosmetics and health functional businesses to cultivate beauty. It is expanding its own products that are directly manufactured and produced through unique storytelling and branding.

As a project that started with the intention of supplying good food, we promote the supply of essential dough for baking products and the sale of excellent agricultural and marine products overseas.

Cordycepin is a pharmacological substance derived from Cordyceps, and we focus on the commercialization and sales of this product. Our goal is to produce and sell products with high cordycepin content by gathering related experts, and we pursue to secure and produce various additional pharmacological substances in the future.

We carry out power generation projects related to water. We directly participate in the business of generating electricity using water, supply funds, directly operate the power generation business, and pursue long-term profit generation.